Sponsorship given towards Studies in Italy, July 2012

Golden Tone ($1,000+)

Jim and Diane Krueger

Silver Tone ($750-$999)

Bronze Tone ($500-$749)

Jerry and Deborah Kermode
Jordan and Grace Krueger
Pete Mattson

Warm Tone ($250-$499)

Michael Britchfield
Wolfgang von Dechend (and my European fan club)
Dick and Judy Freni
Ron and Kimi Kelley
Richard and Susan Straub
Faye Weisler
Sweet Tone ($100-$249)

Tom and Bonnie Bistline
Machiel and Lesley Van Dordrecht
Brad and Carol Knickerbocker
Jack Schott and Erica Ross
Randy and Adele Wiethorn
Val and Phyllis Wiethorn

Melodic Tone ($50-$99)

Gary and Coralie Farnham
Seanna Higgs
Rita Gore Jenkins
Chris and Reba Meehan
Jeanette Nichols and Daryl Goldman
Michael and Sonja Nichols
Jacqueline Nicolai and Tom Burkland
DeeDee Prince
Ryan Rouzer
Harmonic Tone ($1-$49)